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Video 2 - Examples of Micro Businesses

EXAMPLES OF MICRO BUSINESSES,  lesson 2 (This is a transcript of the video lesson of the same name that is lesson #2 in the series of video lessons entitled “How To Start a Micro Business”.)

by Dr. Jerry Dean Epps, Ph. D.


Here are examples of micro businesses.  Mini-Markets that sell rice, batteries, cooking oil, thread, phone cards, etc.  Cosmetic store or beauty supply store—women the world over want to be beautiful!  Cell phone charging.  Try to do your micro business in your home, even if it is in a corner of one room.  That way you save paying rent.  Also, often there will be a family member who can watch over the business while you go out to earn money in other ways.  

Simple auto parts like belts, brake fluid, transmission fluid and motor oil.  Used clothes.  Brick and block making.  Bakery—it is cheap and easy to build an Adobe-barrel oven, they heat up fast and bake great!  Bee keeping, Moto taxi, battery rejuvenation (not mere charging, but actual rejuvenation), copy machine for copies, clothes making, il press machine—peanut and other items can be pressed to make oil for cooking, forms/shapes, made from ferro cement or hypar.  Building homes with earth bag technology, or with earthen block (10% cement/90% earth) called CEBs.  Small livestock like fish, chickens, rabbits to sell for food.

You want many people walking in front of your business—the more foot traffic the better.  Each passer-by is a potential customer.

You store/business can be stationery (just stay in one pace) or mobile, or combination of the two.  A mobile store can be in one community on Tuesday morning, back home on Tuesday afternoon, go to another neighborhood on Wednesday, etc.  You can service several small communities.  If what you sell is not available in those communities, your products will be in demand—the neighborhood may not have enough business for a full time, say , or example, a mini-market, and that is why they need you just one half , or two different halves, a week.

This is the end of Lesson 2.  Remember: You can start a micro business and earn money to improve your life, and improve your community at the same time.  Dr. Epps, signing off.  You may go on to lesson #3.

The forms and worksheets that you need to get started in a micro business are located here.

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