2018 Recipe For Hope - Dr. Jerry Dean Epps - all rights reserved

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The goal of Recipe For Hope is to End Poverty (at least 80% or more of it) by creating the economic conditions that enable families to have more money to spend and thereby move out of poverty into the working class. 


Author believes there is no good reason for widespread poverty existing in the world—no reason for having entire countries be extremely poor.  All that is lacking is political will to change it.  Author suggests ending poverty one “Target Area” at a time.  Area leaders, primarily in business, come together in an Exploratory Group to choose a Target Area in which to promote and apply the model.  Dr. Epps coaches the Exploratory Group in model application.


The Recipe For Hope model applies four poverty-ending activities. 


  1. Macro activity focuses on investment, job creation, and market analysis/demand creation. 

  2. Microbusiness activity aims to assist people with entrepreneurial spirit to start microbusinesses. 

  3. Methods for abundant food production: rural farming and urban gardening.  

  4. Skills Training in construction trades, car and motorcycle repair, and computer. 

Vigorous application of the four activities for a few years will lift the standard of living in the Target Area.  It will bring investment, jobs, money, spin-off businesses, decreased hunger, and general opportunity to them.  This will measurably raise the per capita income and Gross Target Area Product. The Target Area is selected and defined by the business people in the Exploratory Group. Their experienced, dedicated, and determined leadership in successfully applying the model is key to economically redeeming their Target Area.

Economic Development