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Video 1 - You Can Make Money

YOU CAN MAKE MONEY (This is a transcript of the video lesson of the same name that is lesson #1 in the series of video lessons entitled “How To Start a Micro Business”.)

by Dr. Jerry Dean Epps, Ph. D.

Money is not the most important thing in the world, but it does buy the essentials we need.  It buys water, food, clothes, shelter, medical care and education.  If you are lacking any of those things, you need more money so can buy them.

If you are eager and willing to work hard, I can teach you how to get more money into your life.  I can teach you How to start a micro business.  You can earn more money to improve your life and to improve your community too.  YOU CAN DO IT !

My Goal for the world is that all people come to live in abundance and prosperity.  My goal for you is for you, if you want to, to start a micro business and earn money from it.  If you want to partner with me in your business, I tell you in the last video lesson, #9, how you can do that.

To actually start a micro business, and have it be profitable, it will not be enough simply to watch this video series a couple of times.  You will have to do the practice of the principles taught here.  You will have to go out into your community and look and count—it takes work.  About 25% of what is required will be watching the videos.  The other 75% will be up to you—are you willing to do the work.  I teach you WHAT to do, but you are the one that then has to DO the work.  

I know how to make money.  I have started several businesses and I know the principles involved.  I can teach you how to be successful, if you are willing to do the work.

In his book, Out of Poverty: what to do when traditional approaches fail, Dr. Paul Polak tells us that the most important thing the developed world can do for the developing world is to awaken it’s entrepreneurial spirit!  When one learns to be an entrepreneur, they can make most anything happen.  It is a door way to freedom controlled by no one but you.  That is powerful.

When you start a micro business, you and others get jobs.  People who have jobs spend money.  Spending money causes money to flow in the community.  As we say, “All boats rise with the tide.”  Starting a micro business makes the tide rise!

The forms and worksheets that you need to get started in a micro business are located here.

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