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Decide Which One


On the left side of the chart, under the large letter “Q”, are the four questions one must ask when they think of an idea for a micro business.

  1. Do you like it?

  2. Will it make a profit?

  3. Will it work in your area?

  4. Do you have the means available to bring it into being?

Slanted diagonally across the top of the table are various ideas to be evaluated by asking the four questions.  Keep track of your ideas, and put an “x’ in the box if the answer to the question is “YES”.  The ideas given here, from left to right, are: water, chickens, bakery, cosmetics, mini market.  For it to make a successful micro business, you need an idea that has an “x” (yes) for EACH question.

From the video course: “How To Start A Micro Business” by Dr. Jerry Dean Epps, Ph. D.

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