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Video 9 - Partner With Me

PARTNER  WITH  ME   (This is a transcript of the video lesson #9 of the same name from the series of video lessons entitled “How To Start a Micro Business”.)

by Dr. Jerry Dean Epps, Ph. D.

You are free to use the information in these video lessons on your own.  If you want to partner with me in a micro business you will, in addition to watching all 9 of the videos several times, go to my website, and print off the 7 work sheets there.  They are entitled: Quick Analysis, Which One, Market Research, Simple Bookkeeping, Business Plan, Business Plan supplemental Questions and last is Goose Story.

I want you to work through all the sheets and when you have them complete send them to me.  I draw special attention to Goose Story.  Read this story very often—implant it in your sub conscious mind.  It will help you develop the way of thinking that will help you become a wise business person.


Once I think you have made all the necessary preparations, and if I think your micro business will be a success, and I think you will be a success, I will fund 80% of the start-up costs of your business.  In a few cases I might fund more than 80%, but 80% is the norm.  I want you to come up with 20%.  As we say, I want you to have some “skin in the game!”  I want you to put some money on the line too.  But you will be 80% owner of the micro business and I will be 20% owner.  We will be partners.  You will be the senior partner.  Of course, I won’t partner with you unless I think you will listen to and practice my coaching advice.

You will need to convince me that:


  1. You are willing to work hard!

  2. That you are highly motivated!!! and

  3. That you are willing to accept and apply my coaching.

You need to watch this series of video lessons 4 times, take notes, and thoroughly digest what I have presented.  I went to a lot of work to prepare and deliver and produce these video lessons.  If you want to partner with me I want you to study the lessons well.  They will make  you successful!

Communication in important!  For us to partner, you must have email and Skype capability.  If you do not have it yourself, perhaps a pastor, priest, library, government office or internet café can help you with using their email and Skype.  If we cannot communicate we cannot partner.

You can email me from the CONTACT PAGE.  I will respond.  I want to help set up many, many micro businesses around the world.


Email me and introduce yourself.  “Hello Dr. Epps, I am Hafiz (or Maia or Nadesh) from Botswana (or Mexico or Afghanistan or Myanmar).  I want to tell you about my idea for a micro business.”  Then tell me your idea.  We will exchange emails and very soon I will ask you to DO ALL THE STEPS to get prepared to do your micro business and send me by email the worksheets and forms that are on the website.  After I have the forms, we will Skype.  We will get acquainted.  I will make suggestions and offer ideas that I think will help make you and your/our micro business a success. 


  1. If I think you are ready and

  2. If I trust you, and

  3. If you show me evidence that you have your 20%,

I will send you the start-up money.  It will be a bank wire transfer.  I will want to know for sure that you have your 20% before I send my 80%.  Usually the start-up costs run between $200 USD and $1,000 USD.  More is not better!  Don’t try to think of a micro business to start based on seeing how much money you can get from me.  Sometimes an idea that really impresses me costs only $225 USD is a much better idea than one that costs more.

If you want to partner with me go to the website and send me an email.  Even if you don’t want  to partner you can send me an email.

Remember our motto, “You CAN start a micro business and earn money to improve your life and improve your community too.”  

This is the 9th and final lesson in the series of 9 lessons entitled, “How To Start A Micro Business”.  Thanks for watching.  If you like the idea of people starting micro businesses, tell a friend about this video series on Youtube and this website:


I hope that you have a prosperous life.    This is Dr. Epps, signing off.

The forms and worksheets that you need to get started in a micro business are located here.

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