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Triple C scholarship is awarded to remind people about the importance of: compassion, capitalism, and common sense public policy in a free, caring, and prosperous society.


Submission Details

In your email to us, include:

  1. Your attached essay

  2. Your full name

  3. The name of your high school and

  4. Copy (Cc) your parent/guardian as they will be included in all of our communication with you.   

Subject Line: please put the words SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION in subject line of your email.

Submit your essay in an attached Word doc.

Email to: and   

Submission deadline: April 14, 2023.  Announcement of winner date: May 1, 2023

Common Sense Public Policies In addition to compassion, capitalism and common sense public policy, we suggest, but do not require, that you mention in your essay common sense public policies such as these:

  • Lower inflation

  • Don’t commit to budget expenses beyond expected revenues. (live within your means)

  • Don’t print money that has no real value to back it up (it creates inflation)

  • Fewer governmental regulations (more regulations increase the production cost of goods and services.)

  • Promote job growth

  • Pay down the national debt

[Below in small print the scholarship description is inserted for your easy reference.]


Triple C scholarship is awarded to remind people about the importance of:

  1. Compassion

  2. Capitalism

  3. Common sense public policy

in a free, caring, and prosperous society.  One cannot experience true freedom until one is free politically and financially.  Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than has any other system.  When tempered with compassion is it a great way for people to live and be able to take care of themselves. Common sense public policy should support this free and prosperous way of life. 

The $1,000 scholarship, applied to tuition, fees, and textbooks is awarded on behalf of the applicant who submits the most compelling essay explaining the importance and goodness of

  1. Compassion

  2. Capitalism

  3. Common sense public policy. 

Essay not to exceed 1000 words. Must be a Cobb County, Georgia, high school senior accepted in a United States of America college, university or trade school. 

How To Apply:  see either website and search for “Scholarship” section to see submission details. or  


Mr. Glen Barber, Woodstock, Georgia and Dr. Jerry Epps, Marietta, Georgia, will decide the winner. They will choose which essay on the designated topic is the most compelling to them. Dr. Epps is a psychotherapist and businessman. Mr. Barber is a financial planner and businessman. In their minds they will be thinking, “which essay writer makes the best argument, is the most persuasive, for using compassion, capitalism and common sense public policy in society?”

WHO ARE WE? Scroll down to next pages below to see the bio for Mr. Glen Barber and Dr. Jerry Epps.

DON’T CHEAT: You must promise to not cheat. In the body of your email to us with your attached essay and application, type in the following words:    

“I promise that I did not plagiarize wordings/phrases or otherwise cheat in my essay.”


This will be understood to affirm that you did not cheat.

SCROLL ON DOWN to see the bio of the sponsors of this scholarship.


Mr. Glen Barber


Glen has over twenty-five years of experience in the area of investment management and financial counsel. He combines his commitment to sound principles of financial management with the complex situations of clients in order to help them meet their life goals. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant, Glen focuses on determining how individuals can meet their life goals through proper management of their financial resources. By listening to his clients and analyzing their financial situations, Glen can translate specific financial needs into realistic financial strategies. His expertise includes investment management, retirement income planning, insurance planning and estate planning.

Prior to founding Barber Lackey Financial Group, LLC in 1999, Glen worked with clients establishing their goals and designing plans to meet them in addition to serving in a managerial role helping newer representatives build their career in financial planning. Glen graduated from Berry College in 1991 with a degree in business administration. He is still very involved with Berry College serving on the Planned Giving Council of the school, helping donors identify ways to make charitable donations to the school and achieve their financial goals at the same time.

Glen is active in the community and serves in various volunteer roles. Glen helped to start the All Pro Dads chapter at Hickory Flat Elementary School, where dads and their kids bond over breakfast and motivational messages. He has coached sports and taught 3rd grade Sunday School for many years. He enjoys cooking for family and friends and finished 3rd in a KCBS barbeque competition (1st in the People's Choice) and 2nd in Marlow's Tavern grill recipe contest (again 1st in People's Choice). Since his success at BBQ competitions, Glen has become a Certified Judge for the Georgia BBQ Association. Glen and his wife Jennifer currently live in Woodstock, Georgia with their two children, Tafton and Tristan, an English bulldog Munson, and inherited Chihuahua Lucky, a rescued Husky/Sheppard mix Belue, two rabbits, and two turtles. Now both of his girls play year round Basketball and many weekends are spent in tournaments.

Dr. Jerry Dean Epps


Dr. Jerry Dean Epps (Ph D), of Marietta, Georgia, lives with his wife Beverly and their treasured doggie - Ava. He has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for several decades specializing in the healing of deep emotional traumas. He is personally enthusiastic and often humorous. He is an Eagle Scout and an active member of Smyrna Rotary. As a professionally trained chaplain, he worked with emergency room and intensive care patients and in a hospice program with dying patients and their families. As an educator, he had taught at the university and elementary levels.

He co-founded and operated a property management company in 2014. He has always acquired and managed residential rental properties. From rehabbing a house to creating residential developments, he is familiar with both the brick and mortar as well as business/finance activity of real estate. He often counsels and encourages younger business people.

His passion is poverty eradication in the developing world - through micro economic development. he worked in Haiti and Honduras. he created a series of 9 video lessons on YouTube - "How To Start a Microbusiness". He wrote a book on Democracy and another on Free Enterprise; ( they can be downloaded, for free, all over the world. School teachers love them. They are available on Amazon too. He also wrote a step-by-step book on how to become an entrepreneur. Dr. Epps' books are used to teach elementary students; they are used by change agents around the world to encourage economic development in poorer countries (

For enjoyment he plays acoustic guitar, and relaxes by doing landscaping in their back year - trimming the bushes and keeping the fish pond clean. Several times a day he takes a few minutes to go to the spare room downstairs, where he covered the floor with gymnastic mats, and does tumbling exercises. It's fun!

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