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Question:  How will Recipe For Hope turn poor countries into wealthy countries?


Answer:  RECIPE FOR HOPE’s purpose is to focus on countries we usually associate with massive poverty and turn them into countries of thriving commerce.  We want to show that there actually is a Recipe For Hope!


The Recipe For Hope model is to work with business leaders in countries where poverty dominates. I will help them to apply the activities that will turn those countries into centers of both thriving commerce and abundant food production.  The commercial activity will be both macro enterprise and microbusiness.  The methods of abundant food production will be enacted on both small plot farms and tiny urban gardens—thus serving rural small plot farmers who eke out an existence the world over and the urban poor who are also found all over the world.  The task of taking on an entire country all at once would be logistically and emotionally overwhelming.  Local business leaders will define small “target areas” in their communities on which to focus. 

Economic Growth

There are several ingredients to the Recipe For Hope model: Initial survey, entrepreneurship, investment, emphasis on use of local unskilled labor, production of locally and internationally desired goods and services, marketing and sales.  There will be coaching by successful business people who are experts in their fields to work side by side with local entrepreneurs.  Microbusinesses will be encouraged and funded. Hunger will decrease and quality of life increase as wide range of rural and urban folks grow their own food using sustainable and high production yield methods.  Not only will these families be better fed, they will have more money to spend as result of selling extra food they harvested.  The efforts at all levels will lift the Gross Product of the target area and the standard of living for its residents—likely within in 18 to 36 months.

Growing Food

After target areas have been successful they will be an inspiration for how much of an area’s poverty can be eradicated and how once poor people can achieve a higher standard of living.  It does not stop here.  Once people are not worrying about having enough to eat, once people have discretionary money to spend, they tend to feel empowered and want more say in the politics going on around them.  They start wanting to control their destiny.  And that which is so disabling about poverty—shame and despair, can drop away as people start coming into their own.  They develop their creative talents and their country benefits. 


There is a Recipe For Hope!

Yes you can!
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