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Recipe For Hope Model

Once you have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of16 interested business owner or leaders who are ready to be trained in application of the Recipe For Hope model, Dr. Epps or someone he has personally trained, will come and conduct a seminar. The goal is to instill the Vision, acquire specific techniques for economic uplift, and determine what fits the local situation. This work in the exploratory groups lays the foundation for all of the activities that follow in the target area.   

Volunteer business people

One point of training is for the volunteer business people. It focuses on how to coach business owners in the developing world who will in turn apply the Recipe For Hope model. 

Local business owners

A second training point is on site with business owners who make up the Exploratory Group. It involves coaching, brain storming, with local business owners on the specifics of model application in the selected small target area. 

Target area residents

The third training point is one of the 4 activities. It is:

A. Training for all target residents in basic economic concepts to improve personal lives and the community itself. 

B. Skills training for jobs in construction, car and motorcycle maintenance, and computer use and repair. 

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