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Do You Believe We Can End Poverty?


Maybe some people believe that poverty can be eradicated from the developing world, but I think most don’t—not really.  “Good idea sure…but let’s be realistic.”  I think that is the prevailing sentiment.  But of those who DO believe, they hold the belief in a very general way—they have no plan and know of no plan to bring the belief into reality.  Almost like, reaching back many decades, “Sure, I think we can get to the moon someday”—but they don’t know of an actual plan to do it.  People in the permaculture and green movement believe in it—but have no action plan.

Bringing in the Dream

But I keep coming back to “There is actually a practical way to do it!”   I realize that many folks are familiar with a high powered CEO coming on board with a company and expanding it, or a company inventing something new, or trying a new technique in employee relations.  But these attempts are aimed at benefiting the company—not the country.  If the country should happen to benefit, it is a happy accident and not because the company set out to make the country better.  This is the difference between ordinary business successes and those the Exploratory Group wants to achieve by applying the Recipe For Hope model.  My point is this.  The key to the model actually working is that business owners who apply it in a Target Area have to actively hold a strong INTENTION!  They must INTEND that they are applying the model in order to ERADICATE 80% OF THE POVERTY and LIFT THE STANDARD OF LIVING in the Target Area for EVERYONE!

Rebuilding Concrete

We will see many success stories about individual businesses.  But this is not the main point.  To use an analogy, we are offering the umbrella—not the objects covered by the umbrella.  The umbrella is the Recipe, the “tool”, the model, that we offer.  This intention, this belief, must be held by each one who is allowed to serve in the Exploratory Group: their intention is aimed at poverty eradication.  Individual business successes are merely the method by which they accomplished their aim.  By using the tools of business success they achieve their goal of eradicating most of the poverty in the target area in which they focus.

This intention, coupled with an action, plan is almost revolutionary!  As far as I know, only Brinkley’s book (From War Front To Store Front: …, 2014) and perhaps a handful of others describe this umbrella phenomenon.  There probably is a ministry or department of economic development in most every poor country…. and, to support my point, it has been there for decades and very little is different about the amount of poverty in that country now than it was decades earlier!  Hmmmm!  Something must not be working!

Paul Brinkley

A new wind must blow.  It must produce results, some of which of course will look like standard business successes.  BUT, THE BELIEF THAT THE RECIPE FOR HOPE MODEL IS EFFECTIVE, PRACTICAL, WORKABLE AND CAN DELIVER SIGNIFICANT RESULTS IN LESS THAN 3 YEARS… that IS the HOPE birthed by the model.  That is what makes this economic model different.  It brings hope, inspired by an increase in the standard of living in the target areas where it is applied.  We can move beyond generational and socially expected poverty—there is a way!  That is what I want to promote.  That is what Paul Brinkley did in Iraq.  Recipe For Hope is a poverty-ending model.

Problem Solved
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